Drain Cameras

Blocked Drains

How Drain Cameras Work

Our cameras are able to go inside the drain pipe allowing us to see what's going on. The camera at the end of the line has a built-in light that illuminates the inside of your sewer drains. The compact camera broadcasts a live action video back to a small television monitor that allows our technicians (and the home or business owner) to view exactly what the inside of the pipes look like down to the smallest detail.

The sewer drain video inspecting cameras can help us identify clogs and blockages that include grease, oil, tree roots, dirt, cracks, breaks, rust scaling and buildup, and can even let us identify the material makeup of a pipe all the way out to the street where it connects with the city sewer main line. Since we are able to locate exactly where the blockage is, we won’t have to dig up or damage any more of your basement floor or yard than is necessary to take care of the problem.